Chakra & Kundalini Activation

Our pranic (or energy) body is fuelled by the chakras, or psychic centers, which are subtle, high-powered vortices of energy in the body. They receive and store the Cosmic prana, and act as transformers to step down the level of energy, so that it can be used by different organs and parts of the body. They also act as switches illuminating the higher dimensions of consciousness. Chakras are, therefore, connected with the body and the mind. From the knowledge of chakras, Kundalini awakening has developed, which is mainly, concerned with an awakening of the chakras.
Chakra & Kundalini activation session focuses on balancing the chakras: releasing blockages or to balance the over activity.

Advice for clients: please, wear loose clothes. Do not wear black. Do not eat heavy foods before the healing.
Length of the session: 1 hour