REIKI COURSE in Rishikesh

Reiki Course – Master Level


If Reiki Master feels that the student is ready for Reiki Mastership then he will be accepted by Reiki Master himself. This level requires students who have successfully completed Level 2 and have experience in healing others. Check with the Reiki Master if you are eligible for this level. This level requires complete focus on the course. Please, make sure that during the course you do not have other obligations.

In addition to practical healing work and introduction to new symbols you will be taught how to teach Reiki Level 1 and 2.

The syllabus includes:

  •   Teaching methods
  •   Program design for level 1 & 2
  •   Introduction of pranic healing
  •   Introduction of crystal healing
  •   Master level symbols and details
  •   Meditation (dynamic, chakra, and others)
  •   You will receive 3 attunements after required days of silence, fasting, and isolation

When necessary, theory and practice from Level 1 or 2 will be revised in order to make sure the student understands all the topics.

Teaching manual is provided. Length of the course: 7 days, 2 hours per day. If the student requires extra time, we provide help free of charge after completion of the course.

Please, wear loose clothing. Do not wear black. Do not eat heavy foods before the healing.