Pranic Healing Course

Pranic healing comes from two words: Prana, which means vital energy, the Life force (link to Life energy subpage). Pranic healing is, therefore, no touch, complementary therapy system which uses prana to heal a wide range of physical and psychological ailments.
By developing sensitivity to prana, one becomes aware of the forces of the mind, which arise from thoughts, feelings, emotions, responses, impressions, symbols and knowledge.

Pranic healing students will learn the basic theory and practice of Reiki 1 and Reiki 2. Additionally, students are introduced to pranic healing techniques:
1. Cleansing technique (removing negative and used-up energies)
2. Energizing technique (improving the flow of energy and strengthening the chakras)
The syllabus includes basic pranayama class.
Length of the course: 5 days, 3 hours per day. If the student requires extra time, we provide help free of charge after completion of the course.
Please, wear loose clothing. Do not wear black. Do not eat heavy foods before the healing.