Reiki Level 2



  1. 1) Basic healing technique
  2. 2) Reiki symbols and there uses in healing
  3. 3) How to balance the energy
  4. 4) Distance healing technique
  5. 5) Important guideline for healing
  6. 6) Energy triangle connection with nature
  7. 7) Chakra details to making work with healing
  8. 8) Feminine and masculine energy
  9. 9) Group healing
  10. 10) Attunement
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In Reiki Level 2 you are going to learn healing for other people after complete this level you are able to work as a healer. Here you are learning all the aspect which is necessary to know as a healer .

Students who have successfully completed Level 1 are eligible to advance to Level 2. If Reiki Master feels the student is ready for advancement then he will be accepted into the class. To teach 2nd degree to a Reiki initiate who is not ready, does not serve Reiki, the student, or the teacher.

In Level 2 Reiki course students will learn how to heal others through various different techniques: basic healing, distance healing and chakra balancing. The basic Reiki symbols will be introduced and used in practical healing.

Length of the course: 3 days, 2 hours per day.
Fee: 125 USD
If the student requires extra time, we provide help free of charge after completion of the course.

Advice for Students: Please wear loose clothes. Do not wear black. Do not eat heavy foods before the healing.