Reiki Master in Rishikesh


Praveen Badoni

Yogi & Reiki Master Praveen Badoni was born in the Brahman family. Most of his childhood he spent with his grandfather who was a priest and astrologer. His grandfather initiated him in spirituality and Hinduism. However, Praveen did not follow his grandfather footsteps at first. Instead, his path leads him to study Finance & Accounting and, to begin with, he was earning his living in a corporate world. After his career in accounting, he felt that his path has to continue elsewhere. He left the job and spent some time with his Guru.

He continued his studies of Granthas and Indian philosophy and, again, took on the yoga practice. He also went back to University and received a Master degree in Yogic Science. After completion, he took on Reiki Mastership in Dehradun.

For the last 15 years, he has been giving Reiki and Yoga therapies and teaching Yoga, meditation and pranayama.