Reiki Training

Reiki Teacher Training Course - India

Become a Certified Reiki Teacher

This is a complete awaking process for your energy where you are going to learn reiki energy work as well as some light practice of yoga, meditation, and pranayama also, so same that when you are getting aware of your energy, reach in deep in with your spiritual journey

Reiki Teacher Training Syllabus

  • reiki training  Introduction of reiki as meaning, definition, history, benefits, etc.
  • reiki training  Self-healing technique with all details
  • reiki training  How to heal other people’s, different methods with all information.
  • reiki training  Distance healing methods.
  • reiki training  How energy works (mythology of energy)
  • reiki training  Resign of human blockages.
  • reiki training  Nature and human beings.
  • reiki training  Introduction of pranic& crystal healing.
  • reiki training  Aura details.
  • reiki training  Mandala and chakra drowning.
  • reiki training  Mind and heart connection & uses in life.
  • reiki training  A complete introduction about chakra & their effect on our energy.
  • reiki training  Teaching plan and how to use the reiki manual.
  • reiki training  Three attunement with ( fasting, silence & solitude).

Other Details

Length of the course: 10 days, 4-5 hours per day.
Fee: 500 USD (without food & accommodation)

Teaching manual is provided. If the student requires extra time, we provide help free of charge after completion of the course.

Note: Please, wear loose clothing.
Do not wear black.
Do not eat heavy foods before the healing.

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