Reiki Teacher Training Course

Reiki Training Certification Course - India

Become a Certified Reiki Teacher

Reiki Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh at Reiki School India is a perfect course for all Reiki learners who want to become a Professional Reiki Master or Reiki Teacher. Reiki Teacher Training covers all the syllabus which are learnt in Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2 and Reiki Master Level Course.

Reiki Teacher Training Syllabus

  • reiki training  Introduction of reiki as meaning, definition, history, benefits, etc.
  • reiki training  Self-healing technique with all details
  • reiki training  How to heal other people’s, different methods with all information.
  • reiki training  Distance healing methods.
  • reiki training  How energy works (mythology of energy)
  • reiki training  Resign of human blockages.
  • reiki training  Nature and human beings.
  • reiki training  Elements Details.
  • reiki training  Aura details.
  • reiki training  Mandala and chakra drowning.
  • reiki training  Mind and heart connection & uses in life.
  • reiki training  A complete introduction about chakra & their effect on our energy.
  • reiki training  Teaching plan and how to use the reiki manual.
  • reiki training  Three attunement with ( fasting, silence & solitude).

Other Details

Length of the course: 10 days, 2 hours per day.
Fee: 400 USD (without food & accommodation)

Teaching manual is provided. If the student requires extra time, we provide help free of charge after completion of the course.

Note: Please, wear loose clothing.
Do not wear black.
Do not eat heavy foods before the healing.

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